If you're thinking about professional coaching, you've come to the right place. I work with business professionals and senior leaders to help them with job search and to make sure they are on the right path in their career. However, I also focus on personal development to meet the specific needs and individual growth goals of clients. These goals might include helping clients meet their professional potential, overcome specific business challenges where they know their own professional development or personal development is standing in the way, helping clients overcome challenges from a difficult or toxic work environment, and seeing blind spots that might be impacting their ability to take on new challenges or reach their full potential.

Who am I?

I'm a professional certified coach and a licensed therapist. Unlike many executive coaches, my background as a therapist sets me apart. I may be the right coach for you not only because of my long experience working with great leaders and senior executives who are 40+ like you, but I also have experience bringing in aspects of your personal life that may be relevant to performance improvement or other coaching topics and goals, all while staying true to the ethical guidelines of coaching and therapy.

You can read more about me here

What types of coaching do I offer?

Individual coaching - Individual coaching is for business leaders and senior managers who are looking for coaching relationship to gain fresh perspectives, professional growth, ideas for new roles, strategic planning, a way to heal from a toxic work culture, a place to hone leadership skills, someone to ask you powerful questions and a sounding board to help you get better results. Schedule an initial conversation here.

Group coaching - You can check out my group career coaching offers here. You can create sustainable change through this type of coaching experience.

Want to stay in touch?

I wish you would! You can get updates, tips and insider secrets I don't share anywhere else right here. I have an ongoing commitment to helping midlife leaders and top talent reach their potential and realize the benefits of executive coaching. You can expect an email several times a month.