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Most people hate networking, but it's critical to your career. 

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Networking is Critical in Your Career!

Networking is critical for your career and job search, yet most people hate it or feel awkward about it.

If that sounds like you, take a look at these three reasons becoming a better networker will help you!  

85% of jobs are filled through networking

If that doesn't compel you to learn to network well, I'm not sure what will. Whether you are job searching now, or may need to sometime in the future, learn how to network so that you can land a great role!

79% of professionals agree that networking is valuable for career progression

If you want a promotion, a raise, or awesome projects, networking your way to success is a great plan. 

According to LinkedIn, networking is way down.

Since the pandemic, 

  •  Only about 42% of professionals reached out to existing connections for job opportunities,
  • Only 39% have asked people in their networks for introductions.
  • Only 35% have reached out to new connections.

Don't be one of them! 

About the Creator

Jessica Sweet is a career coach and licensed therapist who has been helping midlife executives and professionals get past mindset blocks to accelerate their career results for over 13 years. 

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