3 Ways Risk Taking Makes You A Better Person

risk taking


When was the last time you did something that was outside your comfort zone? 

I’m willing to bet, if you’re like most people, your life has fallen into a predictable – if uncomfortable – routine. 

Little changes for you, and though you’re not quite happy with where your life is right now, you’re hesitant to inflict any more pain on yourself, so you don’t rock the boat. 

Because you’ve been looking at risk taking as simply an opportunity to do something that scares you – and that doesn’t really seem very appealing. But actually, risk taking can make you into a better person. 

(Reasonably) comfortably numb is a choice, but if you’re ready for something better in your life, you have to be ready to live on the edge and take a risk. 

And of course, those risks often look like the very thing we don’t want to face. Our exact demon – the thing that haunts us – is the thing we must face before we can truly grow into that larger version of ourselves. 

Having a better life means not only holding our breath and taking a plunge by saying yes to opportunities that scare us, but it also means living on the edge and taking risks by facing our deepest darkest fears head on. 

Risk taking means getting up close and personal with the big, bad boys of our innermost selves and staring them down,  shining a light where we’ve been afraid to go before. 

Here’s why: 

Three Reasons Risk Taking Makes You A Better Person

1. Everything you want for yourself is on the other side of your comfort zone.

Once you really understand yourself and what’s been holding you back psychologically, you’re much more able to have compassion for yourself, set yourself up for success, and move through the emotions so you can expand your comfort zone and grow. 

But it’s about more than just pushing past the limits of your comfort zone. It’s about understanding why those limits are there to begin with, and pushing through not by white-knuckling, but through deep understanding of your own psychology.

2. You are only ready for what’s on the other side of your comfort zone once you’ve grown through the problems and done the work it’s taken you to get there.

Only then are you strong enough to handle what’s there. Before then, the challenges would be overwhelming.

Remember, those challenges are in the form of your biggest “demons.” So if you’re someone who has always had trouble standing up for what you’ve wanted in life, after doing work in that area, you’ll be faced with a bigger challenges that you can now handle. 

3. You become a force for change in the world. 

Instead of being stagnant, you’re moving forward and doing things in your life that inspire you and others.

You’re able to handle things that confront you and instead of shying away in fear you’re facing it, confident that you can handle it – because you’ve handled it before.  You can take on new challenges with confidence. 

Is Risk Taking For You?

It all starts by looking within and seeing the boundaries of your comfort zone, and being willing to take a step outside of them. 

Once you start moving outside your comfort zone, you can start to embrace a bigger life, become a more evolved person, and become a force for change in the world. 

Sometimes our comfort zone has become so comfortable and familiar, we have difficulty even recognizing what it is. 

Here’s your challenge: Is there something in your life you want or you wish was different? 

Maybe you want a promotion, but don’t really believe you deserve it or could handle a bigger job. 

Maybe you’d love to attract a perfect partner, but somehow feel inadequate. 

Or maybe you’d love to start a business this year, but you lack the self-confidence. 

You get the idea. Next, take the following steps:

Whatever your belief is,

1. identify it, and then

2. look at the limiting beliefs and feelings around it. Examine those. Try to understand what they are and where they came from.

3. Next, what you would have to believe instead to start moving toward what you want in your life?

For now, that’s it. 

There’s a lot more that can be done with these beliefs and ideas, including looking at why we hold onto these beliefs, what feels safe about them, what’s risky about letting them go, etc. 

But for now, go through the steps outlined above and see what shifts for you. 

If you are ready to expand your comfort zone and for a little healthy risk taking, go ahead and share this article on social media and help your fellow traveler to grow! 



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