Why Success is the New Social Good

There are probably lots of reasons you’re holding yourself back from doing something bigger with your life.

And by bigger, I don’t mean in size.

I mean something that demands more from you – more visibility, more putting your real self out there, more responsibility, more digging deep. . .

Perhaps you have an underlying belief that you should play small.

In fact, you might think it’s not only ‘safer’ to stay small, but that it’s also the right thing to do because:

1. You have conflicts about money.

2. You believe that success, in the way we’re used to thinking about it, is for other people. 

3. You also think that the system only keeps humming along only if there are worker bees out there, doing the mundane stuff, and that you’re just doing your part.


After all, you wonder, who am I to be brilliant?

But you know what I think?

I think it’s ok to be bigger.

Actually, I think success is the new social good.


Being You Matters

Remember those worker bees, toiling away at something that’s mundane, but at the same time necessary for the survival of all?

Let me ask you this:

What if that work actually made those bees happy?

I think we assume that there is work that is inherently undesirable to do, because we don’t want to be the ones who have to do it.

But what if there was another little bee that came along and could do that job, not only happily, but also while feeling that he or she was living the biggest version of himself imaginable?

How would that free you up then, to leave the work you don’t like doing to another little bee, and to pursue a bigger version of yourself?


Success and the Social Good

Your biggest success comes from doing what you love. 

Not in a “do what you love and the money will follow” sort of way.

But we can’t find what it is that we love unless we’ve connected with who we authentically are. 

And when you know who you are and what you want, achieving those ‘wants’ fits your own definition of success exactly. Those wants define success for you. 

So if you realize that who you really are and what you really want is to become an amazing piano teacher, any steps taken and goals reached in pursuit of that love will feel like the ultimate success. 

It will feel like a confirmation of who you are, what you feel you’re here to do, and even more fuel to add to your already raging inferno of passion. 

It’s through the pursuit of our own highest callings we do exactly what the world needs from us.


When we do what we love, we bring the powers of passion and meaning into the world.

These are the powers that allow you to be exactly the tool that’s needed to work the problem you want to solve.    

They are the fuel that will keep you going through the days and nights and in and out of years, even when the going gets tough.  

They are what allow you to achieve anything that’s feels worth achieving.

When you’re successful in this way, you’re giving back to the world exactly what it is that you love to give.

Whether it’s a new way of marketing a product, or creating better mousetrap, or raising your children – it doesn’t matter. 

The thing that makes the powers of meaning and passion come alive in you is the thing you should be doing to give to the world what you have to give. 

Without these powers, everything falls flat. 

The world needs you to do what you love, because it’s only through the success of achieving your own personal goals, of giving what you have to give with as much energy and fire and gusto as you have in you, through caring about something as much as it is humanly possible to care, that you can bring your own gifts into the world.


Those gifts give back. Then, success IS the new social good. 


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