July 7

Steve Rankel


We had 6 to 10 coaching sessions – and I will tell you – she truly helped me get through some very difficult times.

She asked great questions – that brought up issues – and helped me think through those – with the safety of time and space, and wise counsel.

Jessica has built a business from scratch – and is now a guest blogger in well regarded places like the Huffington Post.

If starting your own business ends up being an option or choice for you – she can actually help guide you and how to do it – with advice "from the trenches." She has done so, and quite successfully. There are many things she does, and has done, that are worth emulating.

The questions we ask ourselves – and those which wise counselors ask us – open up possibilities in our lives. What's the right next step for you? What are the things you need to resolve in your own mind – decisions that need to be made- conversations that need to be had – for you to get there? Jessica is very gifted at asking probing questions.

My final comment: I asked Jessica to please share this letter with you – she did not ask me to write it, and she did not ask me to say anything specific in this space.

I simply know the value of having a genuine customer share their experience – to help you or anyone else make a great decision.


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