work life balance

Your time is extremely important to you and you want to be doing the best thing with it at every moment.

You’d love to find a job you enjoy, but your job serves you – and supports the rest of your life and the activities that you care about – not the other way around.

Finding a job that fits with your life goals and that you can enjoy at the same time is the challenge for you.

Your Pitfalls

Because you value your free time so much, you may be underachieving at work. If it’s truly not a priority to you, then that’s your choice, but if you just haven’t gotten the willpower together to make the effort towards a particular goal, that’s a different story.

There are several reasons why having a more stable career might make sense for you, including long term security, increased income to do what you want, and less stress about whether you’re actually going to be able to pay the rent this month.

Your Zone of Genius

Your zone of genius is living life to the fullest. You’re always the first one to say yes to an adventure and you realize there’s more to life than work. Being able to enjoy your life is ultimately the goal, and you’re already there!

Where to Focus

What, if you could pull it off, could make you excel in work and in life given your career type? 

Finding the ultimate balance between career and work should be the focus for you. Decide how much you want to work, what you want to do, and how much you need to make. Also think about your long term goals and security.

Then the rest of your time is freed up for your adventures!