professional goals

You are driven. When you set your mind to a goal, you do everything you can to reach it. You’re used to success and good at focusing on the steps you need to get there.

But when it comes to career change, you might feel a bit confused as your previous goals have already been accomplished or don’t seem to hold the same appeal anymore.

Now the question becomes:

“What can you get fired up about?”

Your Pitfalls

If you’re a goal seeker you have one primary pitfall: seeking goals at the exclusion of everything else – but it can manifest in different ways.

For some, you can set goal after goal (and achieve them all) and never reach happiness, and then wonder why.

For others, you can set goals and drive yourself into the ground working to achieve them – burning the candle at both ends, so to speak. If you do achieve your goal you may experience some satisfaction, but you will have paid a heavy toll. Your health, your relationships and other areas of your life will have suffered.

Both of these manifestations of extreme goal seeking are dangerous for you and something you should watch out for in small and large ways.

Your Zone of Genius

For the goal seeker, your genius is the ability to delay gratification and control. You can work hard towards something that doesn’t reveal itself right away, and keep working toward it, knowing your goal will be reached if you can control what’s around you and do what needs to be done.

This sense that you influence and control things, and that you can wait for the outcome to emerge gives you the ability to create something truly worth doing.

Where to Focus

What, if you could pull it off, could make you excel in work and in life given your career type? 

For the goal seeker, it’s the ability to set the right goals and know how to balance those goals with each other.

You might have family goals, career goals, and even goals around relaxation!

If your ultimate goal is happiness, balance or success, decide what it will take to get you there and then choose the right goals in the right balance and execute accordingly.