The Hidden Job Market: What Is It and How Can You Find It?

The Hidden Job Market: It sounds like some boozy, smoky, back alley bar where you need to know the secret handshake and the password to be let in, and even then, if you don’t know the guy, you’ll be kicked out pretty fast.

It sounds like that.

Come to think of it, it is kinda like that.

The hidden job market is pretty much what it sounds like: it’s a place where people find jobs, where other people don’t know to look for them. It’s a secret stash of jobs.

It’s the job that someone gets when they know a guy.

The thing is, you gotta know a guy.

Knowing a Guy

So, how do you meet the guy, when you don’t know the guy?

It sounds like a trick question, doesn’t it?

Here’s the absolutely best part: It isn’t. It’s not a trick question at all. You already know tons of guys (and gals,) don’t you? You do! And those folks know other people, too! Why, you’re probably LinkedIn with lots of them. You could just reach out.

Easy, right?

Not so fast, you say. You have some questions? Ok.

How to Tap into the Hidden Job Market if I’m Changing Industries?

You don’t just have to contact people you already know to find out about jobs they know about that you don’t. You can reach out to people you haven’t met yet as well.

Contact them to learn more about their positions (ones they’re working, not just openings), talk about their companies or openings they have advertised or in the works.

Use these tips to make sure you’re networking like a pro.

Aren’t Most Jobs Not Even Advertised?

Yes, that may be true. Sometimes, employers have someone in mind when they have an opening, and that person gets slotted right in. There’s not much to be done in that situation.

In the hidden job market, though, there are positions that never hit LinkedIn or Indeed or other job posting sites, or when they do they are already filled.

The trick is to be on the radar before the position is filled. That means being on a company or employer’s radar before they even know they have a need.

The good news is, by figuring out which companies you’d really like to work for, and then finding connections there, and maintaining those connections, you can potentially, eventually, be the person the guy calls when he needs someone.

How Else Can I Tap Into The Hidden Job Market Besides Cold Calling?

Cold connecting through calling or emailing is perfectly ok, and I teach you strategies for doing that in ways that don’t feel icky. (Hop on my mailing list to learn all about that.)

But some other ideas include:

Asking a friend to introduce you

Going to an industry conference

Finding a common interest or past connection (such as an alma mater or having used the same nanny service) and using that to bridge the gap

What Other Hidden Job Market Questions Do You Have?

Feel free to leave your questions here or send them to me! I’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to hop on my mailing list for lots more on this topic and many others related to figuring out and landing your dream job.



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