find your passion

Nothing is more important to you than being passionate about the work you’re doing. You want to enjoy the process of it, and be immersed in the day-to-day flow of your work.

Your connectedness and sense of well-being as a person comes from doing work that you’re passionate about because you’re an artist at heart.

No matter if your artist’s medium is paint or numbers, or whether you create with a computer or words or something entirely different, you are an artist because you come alive through your connection to the process of doing your work.

Look for work that allows you to do what you love.

Your Pitfalls

Passion can be fickle. You can love something one day and fall out of love with it another. Or, even if that’s not the issue, many people either love “too many” things or don’t know what they love.

Relying on passion can feel difficult because it doesn’t feel concrete. What is real is the sense that you do need to enjoy what you’re doing or it’s nearly impossible for you to do it.

In a world where there’s a lot of “have to do’s” this can become a real pitfall. You can fall out of love with a lot of your life when much of it begins to feel like drudgery.

Staying inspired all the time is difficult, so what can you do?

Your Zone of Genius

You are a creative person – an artist – though maybe not in the traditional sense of the word. You like to think of new ways to solve problems, connect with new people, or have new experiences. Keeping life fresh and new is your genius.

When you do this, everyone around you is inspired by you, your ideas, your sense of the world, and your innovation and creativity. In short, you have a light to shine. If you’ve been somewhere that’s made it feel dimmed, it’s time to uncover it.

Where to Focus

What, if you could pull it off, could make you excel in work and in life given your career type? 

You need a career that allows you to focus on your strengths and interests, whatever those might be. When you’re interested and doing what you love, you do your best work, both at work and at home.

You enjoy being surrounded by beauty, so ideally, you’d have an office that was interesting and beautiful, not cubicle hell.

And, you thrive being around people who get you. This does not mean you’re necessarily an extrovert. It just means, that when you are around people you have a higher need than most to be understood, even if you’re not sharing your most intimate secrets.