The Road of Life

road of life

I get questions from time to time that I’m sure that most of you are asking yourselves.

Here’s a great one:


Q: It’s great to think about pursuing passions, but what about being here now?

What about making the best of the situation by improving your own attitude and cultivating mindfulness and patience, as well as pursuing excellence? 

Whew! That’s a big one! I’m going to put on my serious hat now, and try to answer it. 

A:  You must always strive to be here now.

But in the context of soaking in each moment, you can also do everything within your power to accomplish what your soul tells you is right for you.

You can make the best of any situation, and you do well to pursue excellence no matter what you are working on.

Within the context of being aware of this moment and its effect on your feelings and thoughts, you can still have a destination.

It’s like driving a car, aware of each passing tree, house, person, but still having a place you are going (sometimes really fast!)

To be aware doesn’t mean you have to get out of the car. You can still be aware of what’s happening around you while moving towards where you ultimately want to go.

Life is about action, and more specifically it is about the action your life is here for. 

When you can listen to your true self, you’ll know what it is that is right for you and what’s not right in any situation and with any decision.

Gaining that clarity is an important first step.

Your feelings are the dowsing rod that help you navigate whether you are closer or further from what is right for you.

And somehow your soul knows, and recognizes, things that are right and things that are wrong.

The type of driver you choose to be is also up to you.

You can be a life-driver pursuing excellence and a great attitude, or you can be consumed with road rage and have terrible parking skills.

So in short, the real answer is that you can strive for it all: a destination determined by your internal GPS, and a Being of mindfulness and excellence.

The truth is that your destination – what you are trying to accomplish – is only a piece of the puzzle.

The drive along the road of life is so important as well, because that’s where you will spend a great deal of time.

And funnily enough, in this vehicle of life, who and how you are can alter where you end up just as much as the wrong map.


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