This Should Be Illegal!

 police-78265_640“Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”

                                                                                                                Marianne Williamson

I know you feel guilty about a lot of things already. I don’t mean to add to your list, but there is just one more thing. 

You see, I think you might be guilty of robbing the world of your gifts and talents.  

So, ‘fess up. Did you do it?  Are you guilty?

Let’s do a little interrogation:

Have you:

  •  been feeling crammed into a cubicle?
  •  been bored out of your mind?
  •  lost the zest for life?
  •  stuffed your passions?
  •  given up on your dreams?
  •  told yourself you can’t?

Yup, you’ve committed the crime, you’re my  guy. Now, there is still time to give all your stuff back, but you’ve got to do it now.

You were born with gifts.

They could be anything, but you’ll know them by how you feel when you do them.

If you’re not feeling (or working toward feeling) alive and inspired, then you are wasting your true gifts – and taking from the rest of us what you could have done with your brilliant self.

And that really is a crime.

“Following your bliss” is truly about reigniting your passions, coming alive and feeling inspired.

It’s about doing something in the world that makes you feel that way.

That “doing” is giving.

Giving your brilliance, beauty, talents, and fabulousness create something in the world that would never have been created without you.

Who are you not to shine?

Why do you think you’re doing the responsible thing because you’re chained to your desk?

The responsible thing to do is to let it rip. 

When you’re doing that, you are no longer robbing the world of what you have to offer.

How can you feel selfish and guilty when you are being so generous?

Go after your passions and dreams.

Stop holding yourself back because you think you’re being responsible, and realize that you have a responsibility to the world to be you.


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