Tiny But Inspirational Blogs For 2015!

A few weeks ago I sent out the call for nominations to my annual “Little Blogs that Deserve to be Big” Award.

Any time you search for “inspirational blogs” on the internet, you get the same list of (awesome) but known blogs. So a few years ago, I decided to make some space for little blogs that are doing great things to be recognized as well.

This year, I asked people to nominate inspiring blogs (their own or other people’s) that they thought were awesome! I got a lot of great suggestions.

Below you’ll see the list of the winners! You can see the winners for 2014 and 2013 here.

If you’re on the list, go ahead and copy and paste the code for this badge and display it proudly on your site!

Rediscovered Families: Is a blog written by Sharon Harding, mother, librarian, author, to name a few. Her blog is great but her message is greater. She says, “I wanted to encourage families to spend time making memories and building connection NOW, because childhood is so fleeting. So I decided to write about it.” Whether you’re focused on spending more time with kids, other loved ones, or just on things you care about instead of things you don’t, this blog will resonate with so many of you.

Barbara Karnes writes about death and dying on her blog BK Books.  While it’s a subject few people like to think about, it’s something that touches us all. If you need it as a resource, it’s wonderful, but beyond that, there’s more. When you think about dying, you inevitably think about living. When you think of loss, you feel gratitude for what you have. This blog and Barbara’s expertise could help us all with experiences around fear, loss and dying and help us to re-evaluate how we want to live.

Aimee Halpin writes at The Burned Hand. Aimee is a coach who helps people get back to their authentic selves. She shares her journey through horrible and confusing illnesses and healing – a journey which now allows her to help others get on their own right path.

The Amazing Me Movement  is written by Iva, an amazing woman who has been to hell and back and who decided about 2 years ago that she was going to create an amazing life full of happiness and joy. So she sold everything and moved to Guatemala. Yahoo!!!! Take this wild ride with her. 🙂

Jennifer Roy started Today’s Favourite Human without huge intentions, but it’s turned into something bigger than she imagined. She gathers inspiring stories of regular people all around the world, and she is paid to speak about it. Then, she uses that money to fund charities she cares about. She sounds pretty awesome. The stories on her blog are too.

The Chronic Adventurer is written by Thomas who was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, but decided not to let that stop him. Now he takes on serious adventures BECAUSE he has this disease. His story is inspirational and his adventures will amaze you.


I hope you love this year’s picks for The Little Blogs that Deserve to be Big, and I hope you find something new and inspiring!

With much love,



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