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Reclaim your life and career from a toxic work situation

Because you're worth so much more.

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You are not alone.

Many people experience a toxic work environment,

but you're determined not to let it ruin your future.

Your goal is to heal and move on, because no job is worth all this.  

After years of hard work and dedication to your career, you reached a level that you're proud of.

Then, you find yourself in the middle of a toxic work culture.

At first, you might not realize what's going on. After all, do adults really behave like this? 

But yes, they do.

Does any of the following sound like your workplace?  

You can hardly believe it, but the back stabbing, emotional manipulation and abuse, gaslighting, lack of boundaries, gossiping, inappropriateness and narcissism are all real. 

You are overworked, without the recognition or compensation you deserve. Late night phone calls and texts, tasks outside your job description, being expected to work 24/7, all leave you beyond exhausted. 

You aren't given the resources you need to do a good job, but at the same time, you're being held to a high standard. Success feels impossible. 

That idea you just talked about? Someone else claims it as their own, as if you aren't even there, and even though it was stupid or ignored when you said it, it's suddenly brilliant. 

Your 20+ years of experience don't count for anything when your boss' job becomes available, because that young, fresh set of eyes seems to be a better fit instead. You're passed over for a role that should have been yours, or that you should have at least been considered for. 

Even though you come up with many of the ideas that are implemented, and you're told you do a great job, you find yourself doing lower level tasks instead of being asked to step into more leadership responsibilities. 

Even though you thought your work was good, you don't get any recognition – or worse – you get criticism. 

You're unsure how to move forward. You feel angry, anxious, depressed and scared. 

Does any of this sound like your Monday through Friday? 

If it does, you're in the right place. 

Toxic Workplaces Take a Toll

Toxicity is dehumanizing.

You're probably feeling de-motivated, angry, and your confidence is low.  Maybe your physical health has taken a hit, too. 

But it stops now. You refuse to live with any of it any it any longer.  The time to heal and move forward is today.

You Need Healing and Hard Skills

It's hard to find a place that addresses everything you need. Until now. . .

coach and therapist

First, you might try a therapist. . . 

Many people in this situation go to a therapist, seeking the healing that is critical. But they leave dissatisfied. Their therapists can only work with the emotions, but they can't help them navigate the office politics OR help them land a new role that suits their needs.

Then, you might try a career coach. . . 

Still others seek a career coach, but they are also disappointed. Their coach provides great job search tools, but nothing to help them rebuild the confidence or heal the trauma from the past that would allow them to embrace their next chapter fully. 

leadership coaching

Figuring out how to move forward can be hard. . . 

As a career coach AND therapist, I can help. 

Just a Quick Note . . . 

Hey, I'm Jessica Sweet, career coach and therapist with a specialty in trauma training from a Harvard-affiliated teaching hospital. I am dedicated to helping you get AMAZING results, so you can get your career (and life) back on track. But don't take my word for it. Take a peek at what some clients have to say. 

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Shauna MacNeil

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Senior Director, Analytics and Software

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Create Goals 


A toxic work culture can leave you feeling like you don't know who you are anymore or if you have value. 

When you're treated like you don't matter, you start to feel like you don't matter.

But you and I both know that it's time to move beyond that.  You're ready for more, and you won't settle. 

You matter, and the work you do matters. You still have a bright career future ahead of you. 

Let's do this! 

  • At your next job, when you speak up, people will listen and recognize your ideas. 
  • You get paid what you deserve, and have fun doing what you do. 
  • You feel a sense of camaraderie and trust with your coworkers instead of rivalry and wariness. 
  • And you'll have a boss that's nice, not a nightmare. 

How do I know? 

Because you're about to do the work that will get you there. . . 

Introducing Career Comeback(TM)

Come Back to Your Career

Career comeback(TM) is an Exclusive Program for midlife leaders who are ready to come back to their career stronger than ever after a difficult work experience. 

This program will help you heal. With a group + 1:1 format, you will feel supported, and with a focus on self-care, mindset, you'll feel stronger than before. 

It will also help you feel fully capable of landing and setting yourself up for success in a new role (if you choose), because you'll have all the job search tools in your tool belt including resume and LinkedIn know-how, networking, interviewing and more. 

This is a hybrid program - group and 1:1 - and we will meet for 6 months. 

  • 2 group meetings per month
  • 1 individual coaching session per month
  • Curriculum
  • Online Community 
  • + Bonuses

Here is what you can expect:

beGin your healing journey

Anxiety, depression, loss of confidence, difficulty with boundaries, imposter syndrome, fear, negative patterns, shame, burnout, isolation and more. . . It's all part of what you might be dealing with as a result of a toxic work environment. But here's where your healing journey begins. 

With my training in trauma informed therapy, plus a group environment, you'll feel seen, supported and understood. 

You'll get: 

  • Self care practices and tools
  • Trauma-informed work created specifically for recovery from a toxic work situation
  • Mindset work based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques 
  • A group format to help you on your healing journey. 
Best practices + Support

Every day might feel hard and lonely in a situation like this. 

What you need is not only the best practices to take care of yourself and navigate your tricky work situation, but a literal team of people who understand what you're going though and can help hold you accountable to make sure you don't always put your own needs last. 

Because seriously, let's face it: there are things you KNOW you should do for yourself, but unless you have the support, they're not getting done.

You'll get: 

  • YOU ARE NO LONGER ALONE. You get a private Circle Community for support, questions, guidance, feedback and accountability
  • Access to me (your coach) during Office Hours. 


Goal setting

Decisions, decisions. . . they're hard to make in the best circumstances. And when you're not feeling totally yourself? Well, you want to make sure you're making any big decisions (like career decisions) from a healthy place, because you don't want to be reactive, and you don't want to act out of fear. 

Here, we'll help you make YOUR best decisions, so you know they are the right ones for you, not decisions born from bad circumstances.

And the faster you can make a good decision, the faster you can move on!  

You'll get: 

  • A monthly visioning and goals worksheet
  • Feedback from your fellow Career Comeback group members + your coach
  • Accountability and support to reach your goals

Job Search Strategy

Job search by itself can be so overwhelming, let alone when you're coming from a toxic environment. 

But don't worry, we've got you. 

You'll get:

  • My highly successful Job Search Strategy curriculum, modified to better suit your unique needs. 

This includes everything you need to have a successful job search from Branding to Resume and LinkedIn help to Negotiation, but the modifications will include a special emphasis on things like: 

  • How to understand a company culture before you join (no more toxic leadership!) 
  • Confidence and strategy for networking and interviews 
  • Discussing your past with future employers
  • And more. 
Job Navigation strategy

Let's say you can't or don't want to move on from your current job for some reason. Right now, you have to stay put. How do you cope with the toxicity and politics?

While this is far from the ideal situation, we will discuss the survival skills you need to manage up, protect yourself, find allies in the organization, and more. 

You'll get: 

  • Support and strategy from your fellow group members and your coach 
  • External resources to help guide you through tricky situations

1:1 Coaching 

Each month, you get your own 1:1 coaching session where you can be coached on your own unique situation and goals. 

You'll get:

  • A custom coaching program just for you! 

More Happy Customers 

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Why was this program created?

According to the Sloan MIT School of Management, around 30 million people, or one in nine, experience their workplace as toxic. They call it an epidemic. I've seen it too. I've been coaching for nearly a decade and a half, and in that time, so many of my clients have had outrageous stories of workplace toxicity and abuse, and they have felt like they were alone. 

I created this program to help them realize that they're not alone, and so that they can experience the kind of healing and hope that only a program like this can bring. 

How do I know if this program is what I need? 

Healing from a toxic work situation - or any kind of trauma - happens in relationship. That's why the group component of this program is so critical. So aside from the coaching, the tools, the guidance and the support that you will get to help you reach your goal of healing and gaining the skills to find a job at a healthier workplace or manage your current workplace better, you will gain connections that will restore your faith in other people.

When will we meet?

This is a 6-month program that runs from April to September. (Our schedule may vary a bit, especially during the summer to accommodate travel.) Here is what you can expect: 

2 group meetings per month: These will happen on Tuesdays from 1 - 2 p.m. Eastern time beginning on April 11th. 

1 individual coaching session per month: You will get a link to my calendar to schedule a time during the month that is convenient to you. (Ideally during a week we have no group or office hours session.) Your sessions will be 50 minutes long and will include a recording that will be sent to you. 

Curriculum: You will have access to the curriculum (Comeback Healing + Career Comeback Job Search) through the online learning platform 24/7. 

Online Community: You will also have access to our private online community (group members only) 24/7. This is where you can ask questions, reach out for support, share resources, wins and more! 

Plus Bonuses (See below!!) 

How many spaces are available? 

There are 12 spaces available. 

Are both women and men eligible for this group? 

Yes. Because I work with both men and women, and because there will most likely be both men and women in your next workplace, both are invited into this program. I will do a private discovery call with each person to make sure that the group will help them achieve their goals, but also to be sure that they will add, not detract, from the group. Trust and safety are two primary values. 

How do I know this program is right for me? 

If you are ready to take action to move out of your toxic workplace or the toxic mindset created by that workplace and reclaim your brilliance, this program is for you. I work with midlife leaders (both men and women) and those folks tend to be people-people, problem solvers, and idea people. 

What if I have another question?  

Simply reach out!


I encourage you to NEVER settle for less. So I'm giving you MORE!


Bonus One: Office Hours 

These 60 minute sessions happen 1x month and are designed in Ask Me Anything format. They happen on Tuesdays from 1-2 p.m. Eastern on weeks that we do not meet for group or (ideally) 1:1 sessions. 


Bonus Two: Monthly Guest Speakers

Monthly guest speakers will join us to add to our knowledge and healing. They will offer an area of expertise that is new and can give you a different perspective. 

(These talks may be offered for a fee to those outside the community, but will be free to you.)


Bonus Three: 45 Minute Kick Off Call

Enroll before March 30th and you'll get a bonus 45 minute kick off call to devise your 1:1 coaching strategy, get to know each other and more! 


It is finally time to invest in YOU. No where else will you find a more comprehensive program designed specifically to help you heal and move forward after a traumatic work situation. YOU and your career future are worth it.


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I can't wait to help you see what's next! 

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