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You can escape from your toxic workplace, heal, regain your confidence and find a healthy environment, even if you're still in a dysfunctional job right now. 

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Here's what we'll cover

You deserve better. I'll show you how. 


Are you in a dysfunctional work environment? 

Sometimes work dysfunction doesn't look how you'd expect it to look. That's when you start to second-guess yourself. Here, we'll create a definition of work dysfunction and toxicity, so we have a common language.


How Healing Happens - My CORS Trauma model 

How can you recover from the damage of this experience? The truth is, the damage is multi-layered: emotional and psychological, but also damage to your career and ability to move on and set future goals. This model will help you in all respects. It goes beyond a traditional therapy model, to integrate your career too. 


Planning Your Escape 

You're ready to get out. You think about quitting every day. You want to write your resume and fire it out like you're Babe Ruth. That's where most people start when it comes time to job search, but it's not actually the first step, and by missing other critical steps, you are doing yourself a disservice. Let's avoid that and we can make this process as fast as possible.


Q & A

You don't have to muster the bravery to speak up in the group. Send me your questions beforehand at jessica@wishingwellcoach.com with the subject line "Workshop Question." We'll answer as many as we can in the time we have!

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  • It's time to finally do something about your situation. If you've been looking for a solution, this is the first step. 
  • Harness my 14 years of coaching experience, my therapy background and my trauma-specific training to help you with your situation. 
  • Have a chance to get YOUR questions answered. This is a topic that people don't usually don't have a place to talk about. You can here. 

About the Creator

Hi, I'm Jessica Sweet, the Career Therapist. I'm a career coach and licensed therapist, and for 14 years I've been helping midlife executives and professionals get out of bad and boring jobs.

Join me so I can help you find a job that lets your brilliance shine through. 

Join the waitlist below to hear more about future workshops and programs to help you leave a toxic workplace:

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