You’ve worked hard and achieved success, but now, at mid life, your priorities have shifted, and you're feeling bored. 

The world around you is shifting too. You may have been laid off, be worried about a lay off, or simply be thinking about job security given the rapid pace of innovation today. 

You know there’s a lot you can do, and a lot of different things you like to do. You also know you’re great with people.

The problem is, you aren’t really interested in the next rung in this ladder. The fire has left your belly for what you’ve been doing.

You might be ready for a new challenge, but you know your challenge isn’t here in this company, and maybe not in this career, either.

You think it’s time to move on.

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But, to where? To what?

You just don’t know. And even if you knew where, or what, it’s been years since you’ve looked for a job - things have changed. Job hunting is a whole different thing.

And, you don’t know what you’re looking for. . .

 Career Coach Boston

Choose A Path, Change Your Life

I’m Jessica Sweet, career coach and licensed therapist. I work with people who are successful, passionate, people-focused, high potential, and can’t be easily defined by one label because they are excited about too many different things.

They also need to leave their jobs or have already left their jobs because of a layoff, or because of sheer boredom. 

I’m here to help you figure out what you really want to do, and make a rock solid plan for doing it.

While that might sound simple, what I really help you do is avoid the costly and painful mistakes of diving into a new but wrong career too quickly, or staying stuck in the wrong career for too long.

Being able to look at all the options and knowing that you’ve made the best possible choice with the best possible timing can be a life changing move. One that can make you much happier and more satisfied with your life than you are today.

Before hiring me, many of my clients had been stuck in their jobs for years, wracked their brains, taken test after internet and career test for jobs that might be good fits for them, and even hired other coaches.

But, none of those solutions worked for them.


Because by ourselves, often we can’t come up with unique perspectives to our own problems.

That’s why the coaching model is so popular and powerful.

Because, at this stage of your career, you know yourself well.

Career and personality tests tell you about who you are and what you’re good at,

(you likely already know those answers.)

Right now, those aren’t the right questions.

The right questions are: What do you want and what works logistically in your life? Those questions can’t be answered on a test. They are answered with personal inquiry, and that’s what coaching is all about.

Because my style is not just to listen and support, but also to think, challenge, be creative, and take into account what I quickly gather about who you are and what makes you tick.

Just read this quote from one of my previous clients:

Working with Jessica was/is a great experience. I had tried 4 different coaches in the past 6-9 months and none of them really listened. They were more like cheerleaders, rah-rahing me no matter which way I turned. And when you are searching, you can go in many directions! Along comes Jessica who listens not just to what I’m saying in words but what I’m not saying. She was the first one to tell me: “Are you sure that’s something you want to do? Are you not afraid you’d get bored?” – this was bang-on! I had a feeling that it was not the right path but allowed others to encourage me to go in that direction anyway.

That’s why I don’t just run you through a series of tests, tell you what I think you should do, and then throw you to the job interview wolves to fend for yourself, like you’ll experience elsewhere.

In fact, I stand for three things:


Getting deeper insights into you and what you want and need in your life and why,


Getting to the root of what’s really holding you back,                                                


And seeing your potential more fully than you do right now, and then helping you see it too.

Why Should You Hire Me? 

Here's What Makes Me Different And Exactly How I Can Help You

My Therapy Background Makes Me Especially Skilled At Working With You If: 

  • You want to live into your potential
  • You struggle with imposter syndrome 
  • You have or have had anxiety or depression
  • You struggle with self confidence 
  • You struggle with fears such as fear of failure, success or disappointing others. 

I Have Been A Career Coach For 11 Years

  • I have helped people from all over the U.S., Canada and countries around the world to discover their next career direction and create a job search strategy. 
  • My work as a coach has been featured in places like CNBC, Forbes, Hayhouse Radio, Business Insider and more. 
  • I am a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an exclusive membership for top coaches
  • Most important of all, people love my program which has a component which is organized and structured and also encompasses customized mindset, strategy and performance coaching and helps them land the job they want much faster than working on their own. 

I Care

  • My background as a social worker (before I became a coach), and my story - growing up with a dad that hated his job - may have sealed my fate to become the career coach that cares the most about your success and happiness. 

A Glimpse At My Program

Here's a sneak peek at what happens inside my program. . . 

Discover Your Genius, Skills and Story

This is where it all begins. We need to understand you from multiple angles including getting a handle on what you might be passionate about, what you want to accomplish or do next, what your skills are, what you can get paid to do and more. We put all of that (and more) together and find your unique genius in a process I call "Core Branding."

​"Core Branding" and Understanding You

I coined the term Core Branding because I believe branding is more than just what you can do and what you can get paid for. It's also about what you do best, the story of who you are, what you really bring to the table, and what you're going to be truly fulfilled doing. When you get to the Core of who you are, you can understand where you should go next. ​

Identify and Break Through Blocks and Limiting Beliefs ​

Throughout the entire process we're identifying limiting beliefs and other blocks. And we're breaking them down. What's an example of this kind of thinking? Things that say you can't or shouldn't. Things very specific to you - maybe that work you love is impossible, or the meaning you attach to this kind of work. It's different for everyone, and small or large, these issues come up. When you can identify them and stop them from holding you back, you can do what you want to do in your life. 

Your Mission, Purpose and Goals

Don't know what you want to do when you grow up? No problem. That's why you're here. I'll help you figure it out, even if you feel completely confused, lost, have a million different directions or none at all. 

Research and Networking​

There is a skill to this, and it helps to have someone there by your side as you navigate what and who is out there in the world. ​

Choose Your Next Adventure

It can be tough to make decisions on your own. One of the keys to making a good decision is to have help with the decision and to have a way to be thoughtful about it - a mastermind group or coaching relationship can help you do that. As you're choosing what's next, the paralysis, fear and other difficulties that come with tough choices don't have to be faced alone. ​

Resumes and LinkedIn

I'm not a resume writer, but that's why I've teamed up with some of the top resume writers in the country. I've literally built a network of the very best resume writers whom I communicate with regularly, so I can make a hand-picked decision about who to refer you to when it comes to your resume and other documents. Of course, it's your decision about who you work with, but I've done much of the hard work for you, and I will refer you to a top-notch writer who I think will be great for you! 

Job​ Search and Interview Strategy

When it's time to look for your job or interview, I can help you. I've helped many clients successfully interview and land jobs, many times with salaries well ove​r what they had previously been earning. 

Business Start-Up

If your next thing turns out to be your own business, I can help you. I have start my own business, and I have helped many clients start their own solo businesses too. Figuring out the exact right business for you to start and then the right strategies to get it started are things that Core Branding will help you do. ​

Case Studies: My Real Clients, Getting It Done!

Case Study | Regan: Follow Your Passions and Do What You Love - For Real.

Regan was in market research, but she didn’t want to be. She was a creative spirit, valuing work-life balance dearly. She tried taking jobs in her industry that offered better balance, but finally realized that it wasn't the environment, it was the work itself. It wasn't interesting and she felt she wasn't actually influencing anything. She lacked passion. She knew she wasn’t meant to do something traditional, but she didn’t know what it would look like to do something different. After working with me, she realized her one true passion - travel - could be her career. She did careful research and with guidance, landed a great job that she loves as a travel agent.

Case Study | Mike: Where Would You Be Happy Just To Sweep The Floor?

Mike called me in a panic, desperate to leave his job. He knew his days in his job as an Inside Sales Manager were numbered - layoffs would be coming soon. Turns out, he was right. He was laid off shortly after starting to work with me. Though he had been happy in his work in the past, he hadn’t been happy in his last several jobs, and something needed to change - but what? Mike and I set out to find his “sweep-the-floor companies.” Companies he’d be so excited to work for that he’d be happy just sweeping the floor there. Once we figured out what those were, we could use that information to help us build an ideal company profile. Just two short months later, Mike landed a fantastic and challenging role at an amazing company where he’s been happy ever since.

Case Study | Michelle: Abandon Ship! Finding a Better Job When Yours Is Sinking.

Michelle worked as a copywriter at J.C. Penney and knew she was on a ship sinking faster than the Titanic. Layoffs were imminent and everyone knew it. Besides, with a curious mind and a love for her industry, she felt her work had grown stagnant and she wanted to learn and grow. Michelle is great at what she does, and didn’t want to leave all her experience on the table, but after 14 years at her company, she was terrified about how hard it would be to get hired. After coaching with me, Michelle was able to identify what she wanted, and didn’t want, in her next job, and have the confidence and skill to land that job within a few short months of starting her work with me. In fact, she started her new job just before the next round of layoffs hit - some affecting her immediate co-workers.

  • CASE STUDY: Paula
  • CASE STUDY: Valerie

It All Comes Together - Dream For Everything

Paula was a 50 year old HR director for a hotel. She started coaching with me to find something that made her happier at work. After years of thinking about changing her career, she finally decided to take some serious action. Less and less of her day was inspiring and she found herself wanting to use her people skills and her experience in coaching, training and development. She also wanted to move closer to family. Now was finally the time to take action. Clearly defining and being held accountable for her goals, she left coaching with a better understanding of herself and clearer goals - and she had the confidence to achieve them. Eventually, she moved closer to family and landed a job that was “better than I imagined” making a difference in an organization.

career consultant and job coach

What About YOU?

If you wonder if you have to stay shackled to the “golden handcuffs," take just any job in a hurry because you've been laid off, or live worried that your lay off is coming at any moment?

OR, can you figure out a way to use your talent, skill, and passion and get paid for it (instead of just slaving away at something that makes you feel like a zombie), or live terrified, or jump into a job that isn't for you because you need the paycheck?

 I can coach you to a career you feel amazing about.

Would you like to be the next success story here? Do you want to invest just a short time to figure out what you want next so that you can then spend the rest of your life being happy doing it?

I thought so.

Why do I care so much about you being happy at work?

Because I know what it means to struggle with work you hate.

Let me tell you my story . . .

It starts a long time ago (well maybe not that long), way back when I was a kid. My dad was a hard worker, and he did everything he could to provide for our family – my mom, me, my sister and little brother.

But “everything he could” turned out to include working insane hours at a job that was not only extremely stressful, it was sometimes physically dangerous.

It took its toll physically, emotionally and psychically on the whole family, but still, he wasn’t able to focus on anything more inspirational than doing the work that was right in front of him so he could be rock solid for us.

I always thought it was such a waste of his huge potential and that it was just really, really sad.

So somewhere, deep in me, a seed was planted that said, “Wasting people’s potential is a shame. Helping people see and utilize that potential is an amazing gift to give them.”

Which is why I am committed to helping you.

I’m on your team to help you get this done. I’m your partner in this, and even though I’ll hold the boundaries and hold you accountable, I’ll care about you and believe in you like no other coach will.

You’ll see.

Case Study | Leah: From Stay-at-Home-Mom to Career Woman

A 46 year old married woman came to me looking for something to do to fill her time. She was married and had a son, and those roles were a priority for her, but there were a lot of unfilled hours in her day.The thing was, she was used to a very exciting life. Before marriage, she had worked as a Vegas show girl. She had learned dancing routines, worn sparkly costumes, and lived the thrill of show biz. Until, eventually, she suffered an injury that didn’t let her return.“I need something better to do than just organize my drawers over and over. I have more to give.” She would describe to me how exciting her life used to be, and, though she adored her family, the stark contrast to how her life was now.It was clear she thrived on being around people. Through our work together I helped her see what was important to her in a position and what she could do better than anyone else.She landed a position in a bank and excelling in customer service, winning multiple awards and promotions.

Case Study | Zack: Let Nothing Hold You Back, You Brilliant Soul.

Zack was a brilliant man who had grown up in the family business and had started and left a business of his own. Now 29, he was struggling with figuring out how to best use his considerable skills. Through deeper insights into Zack’s complicated personality, we were able to get to the root of what was holding him back. Zack moved forward and not only started a new business, but changed the face of his entire industry in his city.

Case Study | Matt: A 180 Into Work You Love!

Matt was selling insurance, which was about the last place this funny, creative and incredibly caring man should have been. He couldn’t see a path to his dream of helping people and provide for his family at the same time. He also wanted the confidence to take on everything that was stopping him. During the course of our work together, which he describes as “life-changing,” he decided to go to graduate school and get his MA in Arts Administration, and then on to non-profit Arts Administration work.